Scientific Programming Journal
Volume 17, Number 4, IOS Press 2009

Special Issue on
Software Development for Multi-Core
Computing Systems

Scientific Programming Journal


Aims and Scope

The improvement of single-processor performance by increasing clock rate and instructions-per-clock number has reached its technological limits.  Increasing instead the number of processor cores per chip is one alternative that can yield better overall system performance and alleviate problems related to energy consumption, heat dissipation and design complexity. As a result we are now witnessing the emergence of multi-core processors in all markets from laptops and game consoles to servers and supercomputers. However, also from the software development perspective exploiting the full potential of multi-core computing systems is a highly complex and essentially open domain, at the moment forcing application developers to deal with numerous low-level details. Major research efforts are required to streamline the process of software development for multi-core computing systems. The topics of the special issue include but are not limited to,

:: programming models and languages,
:: hardware/software interface and interaction,
:: programming constructs for exposing and/or hiding memory system and processor heterogeneity,
:: compilers, runtime and operating systems,
:: algorithms and libraries,
:: parallelization and optimization strategies,
:: performance measurement, modeling, and prediction,
:: problem solving environments,
:: applications,
:: software engineering practices,

for multi-core/many-core computing systems.

Submission Guidelines

Authors should prepare their manuscripts following the format of the Scientific Programming Journal. Manuscripts should not exceed 35 pages (single column, double space) including references and figures. All submissions should be sent to <> in PDF format. Submitted papers will be peer reviewed and carefully evaluated based on originality, technical soundness, and presentation quality.

Important Dates

:: Submission: December 01, 2008
:: Notification: March 05, 2009
:: Final version of the paper: April 17, 2009

Guest Editors

:: Sabri Pllana, <>, University of Vienna
:: Jesper Larsson Träff, <>, NEC Laboratories Europe, NEC Europe Ltd.

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