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  Selection Publications 2014

  • M. Galster, D. Weyns, D. Tofan, B. Michalik, and P. Avgeriou, Variability in Software Systems - A Systematic Literature Review, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 40(3):282-306, TSE 2014 (PDF)
  • R. Haesevoets, D. Weyns, T. Holvoet, Architecture-Centric Support for Adaptive Service Collaborations, ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 23(1):2, TOSEM 2014 (PDF)
  • M. Usman Iftikhar, Danny Weyns: ActivFORMS: active formal models for self-adaptation, International Symposium in Software Engineering of Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems, SEAMS 2014 (PDF)
  • Danny Weyns, Stepan Shevtsov, Sabri Pllana: Providing Assurances for Self-Adaptation in a Mobile Digital Storytelling Application Using ActivFORMS, International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems, SASO 2014 (PDF).
  • M. Usman Iftikhar, Danny Weyns: Assuring system goals under uncertainty with active formal models of self-adaptation (short paper), Companion International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE 2014 (PDF).
  • Artem Syromiatnikov, Danny Weyns: A Journey through the Land of Model-View-Design Patterns International Working Conference on Software Architecture, WICSA 2014 (PDF).

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